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Reflections on Academic Culture & the Role of Technology and Major Stakeholders – IEEE Integrated STEM Education Conference, Princeton, NJ (2015)

This paper is available in its entirety on IEEE Xplore.

March 7, 2015


Pictured: Raymond Yu, Exec. VP, Engineering, Jeanne Lauer, Teacher (AITE) & Jasmine Warner, Educational Evaluation Specialist - Co-Presenters at IEEE ISEC 2015

Abstract: This paper discusses the importance of academic culture and its impacts on students and their motivation. Cultural challenges and obstacles to educational reform are explored. The expanding role of technology in educational instruction and driving cultural change is examined.

Technology enables customization and innovation in teaching and assessment. However, it also poses privacy risks as more and more data are being collected and shared. The ultimate success of educational reform demands meaningful dialogue between critical stakeholders in the educational process – students, parents, teachers, administrators, policy makers, governments, and society as a whole. Technology provides opportunities to facilitate the expression of divergent viewpoints thereby encouraging greater collaboration and more informed discussion about educational reform.

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