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Jump2Jobs – Get A Great Job In Connecticut!

September 9, 2017

TCR Announces Launch of Jump2Jobs – Free Job Training / Apprenticeship Programs Sponsored by Connecticut DOL

Jump2Jobs™ is a FREE job training and apprenticeship program offered by TCR and paid for by the Connecticut Department of Labor. What’s unique about our program is our focus on getting you ready for jobs that require technology skills. We prepare you for healthcare, computer programming, cybersecurity, manufacturing, and professional jobs. Here’s how Jump2Jobs works: TCR creates a 144-hour training plan to build skills that employers want. Once your employer agrees to the training plan, it’s approved by the Connecticut Department of Labor. Employers agree to sponsor employees for at least one (1) year. This gives you time to complete our training and develop skills on the job. After completing the training program, you receive a state issued, nationally recognized apprenticeship certificate!

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