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2013 IEEE Long Island Systems, Applications and Technology Conference (LISAT 2013)

This paper is available in its entirety on IEEE Xplore

May 3, 2013


TCR’s Center for Advanced Research on Emerging Healthcare Technologies, in collaboration with the New York University College of Nursing, presented an invited paper on “Electronic Health Record Systems: A Current and Future-Oriented View”. The authors are: Dr. Teresa Piliouras, Dr. Nadia Sultana, Pui Lam (Raymond) Yu, Xin Tian, Bowen Zuo, Stephen Yu, Jennifer Paulino, Cindy Mei, Evodie Clerger, and. Devlina Davis.

Abstract- In this paper, the authors share their experiences implementing and using Electronic Health Records (EHR) technology. We present challenges commonly encountered when integrating EHR technology within the work flow of a healthcare setting. We offer a future-oriented view of what is needed to overcome obstacles and achieve systemic improvements in national healthcare. We discuss the role of Total Quality Management (TQM) in the healthcare setting.

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