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Integrated STEM Education Conference (ISEC), 2014 IEEE

This paper is available in its entirety on IEEE Xplore

March 21, 2014


TCR’s Center for Advanced Research on Educational Assessment Technologies, in collaboration with the Academy of Information Technology & Engineering (AITE) High School, presented an invited paper on “Others may see someone eating a cookie — I see the start of a protein kinase cascade reaction”

This paper shares the authors’ experiences in Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics (STEM) from our respective vantage points as students, educators, researchers, and industry professionals. We share a passion for STEM subject matter, and a desire to encourage others to explore it as a way of enriching one’s life and society as a whole.

Abstract – In this paper, we explore influences that hinder and promote interest in STEM, and the resulting implications on what is needed to engage and retain students’ life-long interests. The importance of soft skills in developing STEM proficiency is also discussed.

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