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The 8th International Conference & Expo on Emerging Technologies for a Smarter World (CEWIT 2011)

This paper is available in its entirety on IEEE Xplore

November 2, 2011


TCR’s Center for Advanced Research on Emerging Healthcare Technologies, in collaboration with the New York University College of Nursing, presented a peer-reviewed paper on “Trust in a Cloud-Based Healthcare Environment”. The authors are: Dr. Teresa Piliouras, Pui Lam (Raymond) Yu, Yang Su, Vijay Kumar Ajjampur Siddaramaiah, Dr. Nadia Sultana, Edward Meyer, and Rodney Harrington.

Abstract- In this paper, we review the meaning of trust, and introduce a measure of trustworthiness. This measure is used to rank cloud-based EHR solutions. The trustworthiness measure quantifies how well an EHR satisfies the provider's needs and critical operational requirements. The trustworthiness measure uses a certainty factor to weigh the quality of evidence used to evaluate the EHR. The trustworthiness model provides a framework for contextualizing and prioritizing important selection considerations and can be used with risk mitigation strategies to improve decision-making when selecting an EHR.

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