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Best Diversity Paper Award​

Winner of Best Diversity Paper Award 
– 2018 American Society of Engineering 
Education Northeast Conference

May 30, 2018

How to Use Diversity Surveys to Explore Disparities in STEM Participation and Retention

Teresa Piliouras, Navarun Gupta, Bowen Long, Pui Lam Yu, Chuxuan Jin, Phillip Dunn, Haoran Zhu

In this paper, we explore how surveys can be used to promote diversity and inclusion by providing a deeper understanding of the factors that influence student perceptions of school experiences and life choices. We present a methodology for conducting diversity surveys, and ways to deal with common challenges, such as low response rate, assessment of statistical significance, and results interpretation. We employ a case study to explicate the methodology, and to demonstrate the care that must be taken to ensure survey results are meaningful and scientifically valid.

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