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In 2019, financial losses due to a single data breach averaged over $8 million in the United States.


In addition to expensive, time-consuming investigations and regulatory filings, a data breach involves hidden costs such as lost business, diminished reputation, and employee time spent on recovery.

TCR works shoulder-to-shoulder with you to ensure your business is prepared. We provide guidance and customized training to teach you the art of self-defense in cyberspace.

3 Big Reasons To Take Cybersecurity Seriously

  1. Legal, business, and ethical obligations
  2. Safeguards assets, personnel, business viability
  3. Protects everyone - we are all on the Internet together!
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Information Technology



Operations Research and Industrial Engineering

Online Learning

Program Evaluation

Risk Assessment



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Information Technology Consulting

TCR offers specialized expertise in cyber security, artificial intelligence, data analytics, networking, operations research, and industrial engineering.

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Cyber Security Incident Response

If you need to create new or modify existing cyber security policies and procedures to meet NIST 800-171 / CMMC and DFARS 252.2 cyber incident reporting requirements, we can help.

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Security Awareness and Training

TCR is the one-stop shop for self-paced cybersecurity awareness and training. It’s ideal for organizations who must provide employee training for compliance purposes.

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Security Assessment

We offer comprehensive security assessment services to assist you with NIST SP 800-171 / CMMC compliance. This is required for all DoD contractors who handle CUI.

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Policies and Procedures

We help you create cyber security policies and procedures to comply with NIST 800-171 and CMMC. Your policies and procedures should reflect your special needs and ways of doing business.

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Gap Analysis

We assist you in performing gap analysis and collecting the information needed to make informed risk-based decisions on what and how to protect systems and data within your organization.

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System Security Plan (SSP)

We offer services to create System Security Plans for NIST SP 800-171 /CMMC compliance. The SSP depicts systems and data flows, and describes how security requirements will be met.

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Plan of Action and Milestones (POAM)

We help you create a POAM (Plan of Action and Milestones) to achieve compliance across all NIST 800-171 / CMMC requirements. We also offer services to help track on-going progress.




TCR’s dedicated professionals help you optimize business decision making and operations

We offer expertise in advanced technologies, including cybersecurity, data analytics, and training

Our award-winning Center for Advanced Research on Emerging Technologies (CARET) explores the challenges of safeguarding sensitive, confidential information. We lead the way creating and exploring new technologies